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Best price weed in Sukhumvit area

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Weedhub Store

Guarantee Best Price in Sukhumvit Area

Our shop located in UnionSpace Building Sukhumvit 61

You can visit us by BTS – Ekkamai Station

**Close to Ekkamai Bus Station** Let check our stuff before you go travel Thailand that’ll be the greatest holiday ever!!


Q Do you have a smoking area?

Yes we have smoking area and equipments for you

Q Do you have a pre-rolled?

You can choose your best buds and we can rolled for you

Q Do you accept credit card?

Yes,we do

Q Do you have Edible?

We have many choice for you
- Cookies 90mg of THC per pcs
- Brownies 100mg of THC per pcs
- Candy 30 mg of THC per pcs
- Gummy 120mg of THV per bag
- CBD oil 600mg/100mg
- THC tincture 1200mg
- Cannabutter 700mg of THC per jar(100g)

Q Do you have delivery?

Yes, we do delivery all in Thailand
You'll get free delivery when spend minimum 1,500 baht per order

Q Can we order online and sent ti our place?

Yes, you can order from https://shop.line.me/@weedhub.asia we gonna sent your order in 30min(Bangkok area)