Glean Cafe


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Green, clean,, and lean for you.
Natural, delicious food that tastes like home
อร่อย สดใหม่ ใส่ใจ เหมือนครอบครัว


📍 “glean Cafe”
lives here, ready to serve you (you)
“glean Cafe“ ✨🌿
proudly present our special Seafood menu,
clean, tasty and high quality ingredients, in order to empower you.
By our delighted menu
* Salmon Sashimi Thai salad with Herb pickled fish sauce
* Preserved shrimp with clean recipe Korean soy sauce
* Preserved Salmon with Herbs Soy sauce
* Grill Salmon with vegetable, herbal and rice berry
* Stir fried Shrimp with Sato & herbal
* glean’s recipe Baked Shrimp with glass noodle
And glean Relax Drink
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❇️ signature Cannabis tea Buffet Unlimited Drink 2 Hrs 299 THB
Online ✳️
✅🚗Drive Thru at W District BTS PraKhanong :
✅🏍️ Food Delivery : LINE MAN & Robinhood search “gleancafe “
On call ✳️
“Green, clean, and lean for